Thai Ridgeback character

Thai Ridgeback is a family friend and companion. It loves all its family and wants to live its life close to them. It is happy anywhere in close contact with human being. To keep this highly sensitive breed in a stall or enclosing is absolutely unsuitable. Another reason not to do so is the extremely short hair. Thai Ridgeback loves comfort, being an endearing, loving, sensitive creature who likes sleeping very much. The dog is very perceptive, carefully watches people around, is highly interested in what they are doing and follows their dialogues. The dog is easily and intensively impressed by a human voice. Being talked to, the dog looks straight into human eyes, and the facial mimicry, position of ears and expression of its eyes imply that Thai Ridgeback comprehends everything said.

It gets easily adapted to the lifestyle of its master. Anyway, it demands enough space and occupation. In case that the master does not have the time to dedicate themselves to the dog, it peacefully lies patiently waiting. It is little incredulous but basically friendly towards the foreign people in nature. Contacts with them since the dog's most tender age are considerably significant to form the right relations towards people and animals. A well educated and socialised Thai Ridgeback gets into no trouble in its environment though it keeps a certain level of independence. The characteristics of the breed also differ according to sex. Dogs express their need for independence much more, some individuals are even dominant. They should have the family hierarchy clarified. Bitches are great pets eager to be mollycoddled, searching for human touch. They do their best to sit down on their master's lap although it gets difficult as they grow.

Thai Ridgeback is described as a good guard though it lacks aggressiveness. It is swift, sharp and watchful and its imposing appearance earns desired respect. Although Thai Ridgeback almost never barks, it draws attention to suspicious situations. It is not mute. Its most usual way of expression is grumbling to show discontent or demand. Thai Ridgeback is an utterly sporting dog. It loves running, is capable of enormous jump and climb skills evident since puppish age. Its graceful movement shows beauty, speed, power, vitality and perseverance, the absolute balance of which reminds of a horse trot. However calm and lazy dog it may seem at home, it is lively outside, showing great pleasure in exercise. Motion is very important for the dog, although it is equipped with hunters instincts making not only education but also free movement complicated. Long ago the dog was used for independent hunting; when a game appears, the dog naturally follows it. Therefore it is vital to partially suppress the hunters instincts at least in the tender age if we do not intend to keep the dog at the lead or locked in the garden.

Thai Ridgeback is an ideal dog for active, sporting people. It is happiest accompanying its master when jogging or riding a bicycle. Its temperament and pleasure of motion and playing make the dog suitable for agility. It is very clever and sharp, likes learning new things providing it wants to be learning at the moment. It needs motivation for its activities, best of all a delicacy or a retrieve. In the beginning the dog needs much praise for each and every well performed action (no matter how petty). The training must be organised as a game; drill is refused as well as a stereotype repetition. It is not a dog suitable for a person demanding a thoughtless obedience. For its exceptionally high intelligence and independence it is not able to obey to the letter. It acquires the basic rules of a dog's behaviour without any problem if the education starts in time. It is not good for a service drill. It is a personality dog and we must accept it as it is. The education of Thai Ridgeback demands lots of empathy and comprehension. Love and preciseness walk hand in hand the way towards success. Any kind of pressure have totally no effect, it is the other way round. The dog grows shy and absolutely inapproachable in the wrong hands.